Super achieves book

The Super Achievers covers such topics as...

  • The rarified world of Nobel Prizes
  • Factors that may explain Jewish exceptionalism
  • How America benefited from scientists who fled Nazism
  • The rise of Israel as a science and technology powerhouse
  • Lives and discoveries of ground­breaking Jewish laureates
  • Prizewinners’ origins, family and educational backgrounds
  • Tectonic shifts: Where Jews live now and where they used to live
  • Barriers to Breakthroughs: The Jewish American experience
  • Nobel science award recipients worldwide
  • Women who won Nobel Prizes in science
  • Are science and religion compatible?
The Super Achievers book


  • The first American to receive a Nobel Prize in science — a Jewish Naval officer
  • The German Jewish inventor of poisonous gas used in extermination camps
  • Einstein’s Nobel Prize was not for the Theory of Relativity
  • Why Jonas Salk did not receive a Nobel Prize
  • The 18-year-old Harvard student who was recruited to work on the atomic bomb project
  • The Nobel physicists who had to wait fifty years to have their findings corroborated
  • The physician whose death was kept a secret so he could win a Nobel Prize
  • An entrepreneurial laureate whose discoveries created major pharmaceutical companies
  • The oldest Nobel science prize winner-a ninety-six-year-old in 2018
  • The Nobel physicist who solved the mystery of the Challenger space disaster

What Readers are Saying:

In his fascinating book, The Superachievers, Ron Gerstl is circumspect in regards to the central question raised by his research and reporting: Are Jews smarter than other people? The facts he amasses seem to speak for themselves. Happily, Gerstl has no interest in arguing the existence of a natural intellectual superiority for Jews. Instead, he soberly searches for factors that might explain Jewish achievement in the stories of a number of Nobel Prize winners. The result is a highly readable, deeply thought-provoking book that nonfiction readers of any persuasion will want to take a look at."

— Chauncey Mabe

I really enjoyed reading this well documented book. The impact of the Jewish people to science and humanity in general is overwhelming. This book is a good read.

— Robert H. Bull

Ron Gerstl’s The Super Achievers is a thought-provoking look at the contributions of Jewish Nobel laureates to science and medicine. The book is well written and painstakingly researched, complete with historic photos. It looks into the stories behind the winners and includes individual bios of Jewish laureates. This up-to-date reference book is a must for anyone interested in famous science and medical discoveries of the modern age. Bottom line: you don't have to be Jewish to love The Super Achievers.”

— Gary Rosenberg

I just read The Superachievers. I am well acquainted with Jewish history and the accomplishments of many Jews. But this short volume cleverly and interestingly highlights the extraordinary worldwide contributions and achievements that Jews had made. It is an easy read - and provides fascinating information that most of us are not familiar with."

— Eric C Stoller

This book packed an astounding amount of surprising information in a few pages while keeping my interest level at a peak. I especially enjoyed the anecdotes and vignettes about the Nobel prize winners. I knew little of these fascinating and accomplished individuals prior to reading The Superachievers. The book offers substantial reward for a modest investment of time."

— Leslie Jay Gross

In a well-documented treatise, the author examines Jewish Nobel laureates, and from them extrapolates the elements of achievement in the sciences. He combines intriguing analysis with detailed biographies of his Nobel prize-winning subjects. The result is a reasoned, provocative and informative work."


This book does a great job of reporting the contributions that Jewish scientists and doctors have made to mankind, even under very difficult circumstances. The stories about Jewish winners of Nobel prizes in chemistry, medicine and physics covers a tremendously diverse group of fascinating people. I enjoyed reading the informative main part of the book and the individual profiles of many award winners."

— Constant Reader

About the Author

Ronald Gerstl has an international and multilingual background. Born in Budapest, Hungary, brought up in Curacao, Netherlands West Indies. He was a long time resident of Caracas, Venezuela before settling in Miami. Along the way he became fluent in Dutch, papiamentu (the native tongue of Curacao), and Spanish as well as more limited ability in other languages. His education was entirely in the U.S.– prep school in Connecticut, college at Harvard and graduate degree from Columbia. He has traveled extensively, plays lousy golf and enjoys reading nonfiction. Ron is a geography whiz who rarely misses a related question on television’s Jeopardy.

Why I Wrote "The Super Achievers"

Though brought up totally non-religiously and with little exposure to Jewish culture, my interest and appreciation of the accomplishments and resilience of the Jewish people came later in life. Reading and observation opened my eyes to the astonishing achievements of the Jewish people in spite of their long history of persecution. Israel’s military feats against all odds in repelling attacks to its very existence, and extraordinary economic and technological development, are a source of pride. With this book I would like to reach a broad readership not limited to Jews to help bring awareness of Jewish contribution to knowledge and human well-being.

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